Friday, August 25, 2006

two things that belong to me now


The chair was being thrown away. It has a small rip in the front of the seat, is missing casters, and I had to do some of the assembly myself. The casters are kind of a problem because right now the center post is actually the lowest part of the base, so it wobbles around some.

The laptop came from the internet classifieds. I paid $35 for it, which is definitely more than it’s worth. I got a carrying case with it, though, which is in much better condition than the computer, and I’ve kind of wanted one anyway. So maybe it was an ok deal.

+ pcmcia modem, no ethernet.
+ swappable floppy and cdrom drives
+ 2 gb hard drive
+ pentium 166
+ no battery, so it has to be plugged in at all times

The cd drive doesn’t appear to be bootable, so I’ll have to install something off a floppy. First I’ll have to find a floppy somewhere. At the moment there is nothing on the computer at all. It boots to a dos prompt but there is nothing else there.

mashed potatoes

I might start keeping track of food I make and how I made it. Mostly it’s a convenience so that I don’t have to look up how mashed potatoes work every time I have some potatoes or something I want to use up. This batch turned out pretty well. All over the internet it says not to bother with old potatoes or at least to peel the skin off old ones, but I think these turned out fine. The skin was a little tough, but no big deal. A bit more garlic salt and pepper seasoning would have helped though.


+ One bag of old potatoes.
+ Throw out any that are too soft, wash the rest, cut out eyes.
+ Cut into quarters or whatever and keep them in a bowl of cold water if they’re not getting cooked right away.
+ Boil water then drop in the potatoes.
+ When the water comes back to a boil, turn down the heat to keep it at a low boil.
+ Let them cook uncovered for twenty minutes or so.
+ Dump them into a colander to drain the water.
+ Dump them into a bowl and mash them some with a potato masher that was in one of the drawers.
+ Sprinkle on some garlic salt, “pepper seasoning” or whatever else might add some flavor.
+ Stir in some soycream or other liquids that are in the fridge, maybe a quater cup at a time until they seem like mashed potato consistency.

There was a really informative website about cooking potatoes, but I can’t find it anymore. Too bad.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A friend gave us some free passes to the state fair, so a few days ago we went. We showed up on the last day of the fair and ten minutes before they stopped admitting people. There was still a lot of stuff going on, but mostly we just wandered around near the food stands and went to watch the people working the carnival games.

We also went to a library. I’ve already been to the main campus library and now I’ve visited one of the big suburban libraries a few times, but I still haven’t been to the nearby city branch yet. That is on my list of things to do.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Number three in a Series

We were looking into thrift stores in the area yesterday. Unfortunately, it sounds like the best ones are out in the suburbs (definitely not within biking distance). I did happen to find a bicycle seat. I paid thirty-five cents for it and put it on at the bike co-op the same day. It’s a wider seat, and has springs even, so it’s a great deal more comfortable for riding around the city. Of course, the old seat was exceptionally uncomfortable, so anything would have been an improvement.

After I fixed my seat, I formally signed on with the co-op and logged my first volunteer hour. I neatened up a row of bicycles, tidied a pile of tubes and sorted some tires. It was pretty straightforward.

Today I applied for a job. It’s part-time computer support and web site maintenence for a small construction company, I guess. Their ad didn’t have a whole lot of detail, but it could be pretty good. I didn’t think I would start applying for work until I had a real address and a phone number, but it would be hard to turn this one down if I can get it.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Things I have done in the last few days

We went to the old college again. I met up with some more people that I hadn't seen for a while, and some that I probably won't again see for a while. It was a good time all around though.

Back at home, I found out about this bicycle co-operative. It's a bunch of people who provide bicycle maintenence and repair bicycles to sell, and that sort of thing. I took my bike there to see about fixing the tire, and they really helped me out. I didn't really know what to expect, whether it would be very organized or even if there would be anyone there. They seem to have a nice thing going on, though, and lots of people were hanging around and working on bikes or getting work done or whatever. I will probably go back and work for them (volunteer) on Wednesday, and try to get my bicycle maintenence skills up to par.

Unfortunately, the bicycle I have that we were fixing up is really not the right size for me. The frame is too short, and the pedals are too close to the front wheel somehow, and the seat is totally uncomfortable. It's fine for short rides though, and is definitely better than nothing.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Things I have done lately

Last weekend some of us went back to the College That I Attended, and this weekend we are going again. It’s about an hour-long drive each way.

I did research on which bank to join, and chose one, but decided to wait until I move in next month to create an account. This way I can avoid change-of-address inconveniences later. Most of the banks in this area are just about three blocks from where I’ll be living, so it’s quite convenient.

One of the people I will live with gave me a bicycle that I can use once I get the rear tire fixed. That might happen tomorrow.

I looked at jobs on the internet classifieds yesterday. Unfortunately I was just barely too late to participate in market research on acne ($100 for 55 minute interview).

Also, we went to the park district. There are two school playgrounds and a public park (with pool) all connected together. We played on pretty much all of the playground equipment.

At some point I did some work on this web log thing. I might have it set up well enough to last me for a while.