Wednesday, September 27, 2006

under the weather

I’ve been succumbing to and recovering from a cold for the past few days. It’s been a bit unpleasant, but the worst seems to be past. Fortunately I wasn’t really hit with it until after I got off work, and I happened to have enough days off that I should be mostly recovered before my next scheduled shift. I had to put off some of my days-off plans, though, and ended up without much to do except watch movies and drink hot liquids (some good hot cocoa and some mediocre apple cider, mostly). It wasn’t an entirely wasted weekend, but it also wasn’t really the one I wanted.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

public transit

It was raining fairly hard yesterday, so I decided to take the bus to work instead of biking like usual. Our house is less than a block from a bus line that goes right past the store where I work, so I may take advantage of it quite a lot as the weather gets worse.

Unfortunately, the bus schedule doesn’t line up very well with my work schedule. I have the choice of arriving half an hour early or else arriving barely on time and maybe too late. Yesterday morning I planned to arrive half an hour early, but since I hadn’t taken the bus before and didn’t know exactly where the stop was, the bus passed by me about ten seconds before I got to the stop. I hung around the house for a while and then went and took the next bus and got to work just barely on time.

After work, I decided to check out a nearby thrift store to see if I could get some decent rain gear. I ended up with a very nice goretex pants and coat outfit. The pants are not quite long enough if I wear them normally, but I just wear them low and let the jacket cover the gap.

After the thrift store, I wasn’t sure how long I would have to wait for the bus, so I decided to go ahead and test out my new rain gear by walking home. It turns out that it is a very long walk, so I don’t expect to try it much in the future. Along the way, though, I did find a Monopoly board game that someone had thrown out. I brought it home and we laid out all the money and cards on a plastic sheet to dry out. It looks like missing pieces are minimal, so with any luck it will still be playable. Also, my rain gear worked quite well, so it was overall a successful walk.

Friday, September 8, 2006

furniture and appliance changes

I got a desk for my room. I might decide that it is too large, but for now it will do. It is a bit wobbly, which might or might not become an annoyance. Also, the floor is noticeably slanted, which makes using the rolling chair an interesting endeavor.

I also replaced my digital clock for a different, slightly brighter digital clock. The one I had was very difficult to read any time the sun was out. It is in the phone room now, where I felt there was a need for time-keeping.

More substantially, we got a second refrigerator for the house. It should prove useful, and hopefully will not be too much of an electricity sink.


I have been working at the used book store for the last few days. The first two days were training and today I was working by myself. It was pretty low key. I don’t know where everything is quite yet, but I’m learning. I had some trouble with the register for a while, but I think I have that figured out, too. Mostly, I sit and list books for sale on the internet and wrap up books for shipping. We have more books than can fit out in the store, so we have a lot of things in the back rooms that are listed for sale through an online bookseller. I also help people out when they are in the store. So far, there have rarely been more than two parties in the store at a time. Most of the time I am the only person there at all. We also buy used books and, although it is another part of my job, I am not very confident about pricing them yet.

Friday, September 1, 2006

new house

I’m living in a different house now. I got kind of a small room, but it should be more space than I need. Currently it contains:

+ one twin-size bed
+ one end table
+ one office chair
+ three old notebook computers
+ one desk lamp (no bulb)
+ one digital clock
+ clothes, etc.

Additions that I would like to make include:

+ one small dresser
+ one bookcase
+ one reading chair
+ one small desk
+ one floor lamp

The only light fixture in the room is a single bulb on the wall furthest from where I would like a light. Most of my clothes are on hangers in the closet, but other than that the closet is mostly a lot of empty floor space that I don’t know how I’ll use.

In the dining room we have a couch, a couple phones, and a card table and chairs for a dining room table. The kitchen is tiny, but we have a room dedicated to food storage that connects to it. There is an enclosed porch that probably won’t get much use, and one empty room that will probably be mostly computers and plants.

financial situations

This morning I opened a bank account and applied for a job. The job is with a used book store and duties would include the usual book store stuff and also a lot of listing things for sale online. The bank is the best one I could find in the area, and happens to be the nearest bank to the new house. Both locations are reachable by bicycle, and the book store also happens to be on a bus line that goes past our street.