Sunday, November 19, 2006

old news is new news

Here are a few things that have happened lately. Some of them have happened several times now, but such repetition seems to be the state of my affairs lately.

We went to visit the college I attended. This time there was a soccer game going on. I just watched, but next time they may be low on players so I might play instead.

My bike has a flat tire. It seemed to be a result of some glass I ran over. I find this interesting, since I seem to run over broken glass a lot and this is the first time I’ve noticed a flat tire immediately following. I suppose it might be because the kind of glass that is usually on the street is car window/windshield glass and the glass I ran over today was probably beer bottle glass. Is this significant? I don’t know.

I have been playing chess by email with a friend of mine. When I get the chance, I play chess online in real-time against other people I know, but that doesn’t really happen often enough.

I continue to work at the book store, and probably will for some time. I apply for other jobs sometimes, but I haven’t found many that would improve on the job I have.