Tuesday, December 26, 2006

fruits and binomials

Yesterday I tried baking some squash and apples. We had some pre-cut acorn squash around, I added apples and coated it all with some oil and syrup, topped with some brown sugar and walnut pieces. It turned out ok, but the squash was a little dry. Maybe I should have covered it or added water or something.


I have also been playing around with probablility and cards. In particular, I’ve been looking at that Most Popular of single-player card games. I think I’ve figured out how many deck orderings lead to an entirely unplayable game, in both the draw-3 and draw-1 variants. I’ve found someone’s article where they have gotten estimates based on random sampling, but haven’t been able to find anyone with an exact number, which I believe I’ve got. I’m kind of pleased about that, and I’m in the process of writing up an article that I’ll probably put online eventually.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Bicycle: Repaired. Employment: Diversified.

I fixed my bike tube last weekend. The offending shard of brown glass was still in the tire. It was nearly a quarter-inch long and was shoved pretty much all the way into the tire. The tube needed two patches right next to each other, but the whole process went pretty quick.

Also, I’ve got some new part-time work lined up. I’ll be putting my degree to some use, sooner than I expected, editing math textbooks and study guides. The pay looks to be pretty nice, and I’ll be working at home and more or less setting my own schedule. The whole situation has a lot of promise, and was frankly a surprising reversal, considering my employment search efforts up to this point.