Sunday, February 18, 2007

boxed plants, more sledding

In a fit of inspiration, we decided to grow a potato in our house. We’ve got a large cardboard box that we lined with plastic and filled with dirt from dead plants. We don’t have it quite full yet, so we may have to buy some soil or wait until the ground thaws and we can collect some of the dirt that was thrown out from earlier dead plants.

Yesterday afternoon we got some more sledding in. This time we went to a more typical sledding hill. It was wider, steeper and shorter than the one we were at earlier. It’s been a few days since the snow came down, so the hill had seen a lot of use and had some washboarding, with one good sized bump in the middle of the bottom of the hill, and an obviously constructed jump off to one side. There were quite a few people sledding, but it was a large hill, so there wasn’t much waiting. I took the jumps a few times, and had a couple tries for distance. Going down flat on the stomach really helps with distance, but I couldn’t quite beat the record. I had a few tries going backwards, laying down, and that was quite a bit of fun. I hit the ramp on one of those runs and lost my glasses when I hit, but they were fine.

Not much else has changed. I’m still working, spending some time at the library, playing games when I get the chance. That sort of thing.