Saturday, March 31, 2007

work work play

Yesterday I helped in an office move. We went around disconnecting computers from their peripherals and, after the movers had moved things to their new location, we went back through reconnecting everything the way it was before. It was a one-time job, and pleasant enough.

To get there, we took a bike path that I’d never really used. It was a leisurely hour-long ride, and probably forty minutes of that was spent on the bike path, the rest was roads. It was a nice path, and a nice day, so there were quite a few people out, including a person practicing bagpipes. It would be nice if I had more reasons to ride that direction, as it’s a little far to go just for recreation.

I’ve been using the library quite a lot lately, and found myself wanting a list of all the books I’ve checked out. The library doesn’t exactly provide this, for several reasons I’m sure. They do send a reminder email when requested books are available, so I realized that if I just kept those emails instead of deleting them, I’d have a fairly complete list of books I’ve been reading. It would have been nice if I had thought about this earlier, so I could have kept more of the books’ names.

My next job (full-time seasonal) is due to start in early April. I’ll be scoring standardized tests (essay sections, I guess). It’s scheduled to last about two months, and after that I’ll be just about ready to get out of town for a while.

Monday, March 19, 2007

done and done

I finished a project that I was working on yesterday. I had no luck finding a list of names sorted by gender-neutrality, but I did find enough information to make my own. Here are the results.

Today also happens to be my last day of work at the book store. I already have a few plans for new employmemt. Hopefully some of them will work out. Unfortunately the magician’s stagehand gig probably won’t be one of them. Most of the potential workplaces are further away than I would like, but with the weather improving a longer bike ride might be pleasant.

Our potato is growing well.