Saturday, April 14, 2007

work work work

I’ve been working daily this week. Between work, sleep, commuting, and fixing lunches and dinners, I end up with about three or four hours of free time at home each day. That seems unbelievably low to me.

Work has been good though. It’s pretty interesting right now, and we end up with a lot of down time while we’re waiting for more work to be printed for us. It may get less interesting as we start longer and more repetitive projects. And the down time might shrink as they get the kinks worked out on the processing end of things. For now, though, I’m enjoying myself.

I’m even considering sticking around here, finding a new place after our current lease is up, and staying in this job for a while longer than I originally planned. It sounds like there will be a couple months off and then they’ll be starting up again in late summer. If I still like how things are going in a month or so, it will be very tempting to stay and work again. It’s a very good opportunity to get some money saved up.

There are about thirty to forty other employees of my level in the room I’m in. I’m getting to know a few of them, and several seem very nice. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked in a situation where I could chat with the people I work with. Really it’s been a while since I’ve had coworkers that I see more than a few minutes a day.

Now that I’m working every day, that means I’m biking every day, too. The ride is about twice as long as the ride to the bookstore was, but doesn’t seem as tough. It’s earlier in the morning, and the wind isn’t usually up. Also, I’ve been giving myself plenty of time in the mornings, so I’m not in a rush like I always was before. A leisurely pace makes quite a difference, I think.