Monday, August 20, 2007

home again

I just spent the last couple weeks back in my hometown. I saw some friends that I hadn’t seen since the last time I came home, and some that I hadn’t seen for longer.

Some of us went golfing one day. I had never golfed before, actually. It was almost a really hot day, but the breeze picked up and the clouds came out, so it wasn’t bad at all.

I also went out on a little sailboat with my grandpa. I had never sailed before. The boat was a two-seater that folds up for storage. We’ve been keeping it assembled during the summer, so about all we had to do to get it ready was put the sail on. The sailing was great, and the lake was not too crowded.

We have a small home remodeling project going on. I helped out with that some, and tried to find some other ways to help out around the house. I don’t think I tried very hard, because I seemed to spend a lot of time lazing around.

I caught a ride out of town with my uncle who was in town with a friend of his for a high school reunion. So now I’m in a different state to hang out with some more friends of mine for a few more weeks before I head back to where I live these days.