Saturday, February 9, 2008

these days

December: I continued working at the board game publisher. During the holidays, my hosts left the state for several days. I had a nice time alone, watching the house. Although I made tentative plans to return home, they fell through, and I stayed where I was all month.

January: Still working all the time, Monday through Friday. Sometime during this or the last month I accepted a permanent, salaried, full-time position. Until this point, I was looking at my job as seasonal work. I finished two books this month, and played board games on several occasions. I started another blog, about my past expenses, but already I want to change direction with it.

February to-date: I have the month (and a little more) off work. I left to go back to my previous house, where I still have lots of possessions to deal with. I plan on not taking most of it with me, but it will take some doing to sort out what I want, and to figure out how I want to bring it with me. I have managed to see quite a few of the people I wanted to see, including some friends from the town where I went to college. Earlier this week I participated in one very successful board game party and one moderately successful board game party. Today I fixed up a bicycle belonging to the house, and did some cleaning.