Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a haircut

I cut my hair this weekend. Usually I just trim it all to the same length, but I tried trimming the sides shorter than the top this time. It turned out fine. I was concerned that there would be an obvious, maybe irregular edge where the lengths changed, but I couldn’t tell at all. The longer guard was 7/8” and the shorter guard was 3/8”.

I went to a bit of effort to pin back the top of my hair (it hadn’t been cut since early fall), trim the sides, then unpin the remaining hair and trim it with a longer guard. Part way through I decided that I was making it more difficult than it needed to be, and I think I probably could have just used my hand as a guide and done as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

back to basics

I decided to wear ties again for a while.

I have eleven shirts, six pairs of pants and four jackets. In the absence of a fifth jacket, I wear the same jacket two days in a row during the weekend. These quantities (11, 6, 5) share no denominators. If I fix the order of my clothes and, each day, wear the next of each item, I can wear a unique outfit every day (excluding the duplicate jackets on weekends) for 330 days.

I have about seventeen ties.