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mapfcm is a program for displaying the contents of an FCM movie file in more interesting ways. FCM is a recording format for the FCEU Nintendo Emulator. An FCM file contains a history of all the buttons pressed during a game in fceu. One of the modes of mapfcm allows imagemagick to plot the direction pad key-presses to an x-y plane. During each frame where a direction key is being pressed, one pixel of movement is drawn in the image. So in the img directory, there are a bunch of these diagrams that I made. I didn't finish up all the images, but you can get the idea. Another mode of mapfcm can create SRT subtitle files so you can watch what buttons are being pressed without having to replay the FCM file in the emulator. This is potentially useful, since many people do not have or want to find the roms before they watch a speedrun, but may want to see how certain glitches are performed, or just keep track of how the game is being played. Unfortunately, I haven't had consistent results with timing after embedding the subtitles into an mkv video. A single example movie is in the mkv folder, and several subtitle files are in the srt directory. [27 Jul 2007 - Moved files from freeshell to nixsyspaus] [18 Feb 2018 - Moved files back from nixsyspaus to freeshell] Contact: Evan Hall ehall -