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This directory contains maps of NES gameplay based on emulator key-press recordings from some tool-assisted speedruns. Basically it's like an Etch-A-Sketch is being controlled by the direction pad from recordings of people playing Nintendo games as fast as possible. A and B button presses are represented by red and blue dots, and combine to purple when both buttons are pressed simultaneously. Note that the Metal Gear image is particularly large and may fail to load, crash your browser, etc., if you have especially low available memory. These images were created using the fastest available speedrun for each game. To watch the movies associated with these images and learn more about tool- assisted speedruns, visit: Of course, the images here may no longer depict the record time for every game. Speedruns tend to be replaced by faster runs over time, and I don't plan to make any attempt to keep this folder up to date. If you want to try making some of these images yourself, check out the mapfcm source code in the parent directory. Unfortunately, speedruns for most well-known games do not produce interesting maps because so many games tend to move predominately in a single direction, and usually fail to take full advantage of the Y-axis. Super Mario Brothers, for example, would be a map some twenty thousand pixels wide and only a few dozen pixels tall. Finally, I apologize about the lack of proper HTML. I've spent too much time on this project already. Evan Hall evan - ehall - 2006 Aug 10