June 15, 2003
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I cut my hair on Monday. I did it myself with borrowed hair clippers. I think that I will keep cutting it this short for a while. It's much simpler to maintain. It's kind of an inconvenience to do it myself, though. It took over two hours to get it all fairly even. Of course, if I maintain it, I won't have to cut off three inches every time. I expect that would help a little.

On Tuesday, we went to an elementary school in Kobe. I don't know exactly why, but it was a good time. We each ate lunch with a class. My class was third-graders, I think. They did not speak much English. Some things that they were impressed with include my height, the size of my shoes (size 31.5 in Japan, according to the tounge), and me when I took my glasses off. I didn't quite understand that one. Two of them got me to take my glasses off and then the six or so kids who were paying attention all, simultaneously, said "Cool!" (in Japanese). I tried to find out why it was so impressive, but didn't get very far.

We still have problems with our bicyles. It's a bother. I would like to get a motorbike, but first I have to get a license, which would mean taking a test. It's forty-eight yes/no questions, but there is a half-hour time limit, and everything is in Japanese. I don't think I could do it. Mai thinks I could maybe try it in a month or two if I studied daily in preperation.

Also, I broke a Rubik's cube recently. I could fix it if I had superglue, but I don't really want to buy any. It's not a great cube in the first place, but it's the one I got in Canada for a dollar. A one dollar cube is a good deal, even if it does break after you drop it on the ground a few times. There is a hardware store here that sells Rubik's cubes, but they're five hundred yen or something like that. It's comprable to American prices, but like most modern cubes, it's clearly a low quality toy. The stickers are glittery. My Canadian one doesn't even have stickers. The colors are molded plastic. They would never peel off.