Jun 19, 2003 Here is a small collection of Quake patches. I originally had larger plans for this web site, but I run Linux, on a computer that doesn't seem to recognize my 3D card. It makes it difficult to play 3D games. So I don't really have the incentive to get more patches. At any rate, here are a few that I used to like.

Superhero Quake is a real classic, and if you play current Quake, you probably already know about it. For the rest of you, it's about what it sounds like: each player picks three super powers to use during play. The powers aren't fairly weighted at all, so this is not a good patch to play with total lamers. They'll just pick Regeneration and hide in the corners. In a good group, with more than three people, probably, the powers add a good variety to the game. You can also switch to observer mode and change your abilities in the middle of a match. It's dynamic. This zip comes with a cfg file that binds some keys, but you'll have to set Impulse 200 yourself so you can use your active power. Also, try the skins. They're superheroes.

It's been a long time since I've played Killer Quake. It's every Quake patch that was any good all rolled up in one. That accounts for the file size, anyway. You have bots, dogs, a grappling hook, a dozen more weapons, and so on. There are a lot of impulse commands to bind, so you'll likely have to spend a little time working them out to your preference. With everything it offers, this was definitely the multiplayer patch I played most often.

This was the first total conversion of Quake that I saw. It's fairly impressive. It's a racing game, in Quake. You drive cars. You can do time trials, race other players over the network, or play deathmatch. It comes with some levels and a few different car models (they all handle the same; they're more like skins). The Leftovers add-on should have a few more levels, some different cars and a couple miscellaneous features, like skid-marks. I never played the add-on, so I can't say anything that I haven't read off the web site. That's another point I should make, though. The Quake Rally page is still up and is still updated. It's for Quake III Rally now, of course, but they cool enough to keep a history section with the original files available for download. It's at if you want to check it out.

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