May 4, 2002
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Me and AndyAndy got a haircut the other day. We took a bunch of pictures about it, but a lot of them didn't work out. We've been familiarizing ourselves with downtown Anchorage, as you can see from the pictures, and since the sun isn't setting until at least 11pm, it doesn't feel like the day is wasted when we wake up at noon. The accommodations here are very nice, and the job hunting has been... steady. In other news, I'm on the final stage of Pilotwings now. Once I save the flight instructors from the evil syndicate, I think I win the game.


Our Hosts: Barb, Callie

Barb is the person kind enough to provide us with a place to stay here in Alaska. She works with kids in the school district's homeless program. Ben, her son, will be joining us in about a week, and Andy and I will get to move to a set of bunk beds. Barb is treating us well, and has cooked a couple of excellent meals. She has cautioned, however, that our "guest" status only stands for the first couple weeks. After that, I think we have to be boarders.

Callie has been showing us a little bit of the great Pacific Northwest. Inlets and Points and so on. She works at the second-run movie theater & restaurant and has been getting us good seats and food when we go to the movies. The first day we were here, we got to see a few of her old dance videos. She has been in dance for years. She sings well and often, and we've heard her play guitar. This is a pretty musical family.

A friendly competition

Andy is trying to start a band again. He bought a microphone at a thrift store the second day we got into town. Our little group has started at least three bands since fall term, and I think we've had about one song for each band before forming a new one. I was looking forward to this group, but we already have a song, so I don't know how much longer it'll be before the band breaks up.

I scanned these pictures at Kinko's. You pay by the minute to use their computer, so I was in a hurry, and I think I made some hasty decisions. The picture quality didn't end up as good as I would have liked. I'm exploring a few new photo solutions, though, and hopefully I won't have to pay to get pictures onto my computer again.