May 1, 2002
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Andy and RobinHere is Andy with Robin. This is kind of a rare photograph. There has been a little bit of history about Andy appearing in pictures with Robin, but I won't go into it. Robin is from Atlanta, and enjoys music. She is into the arts and was in my drawing class first term.

The three of us came up with an idea for a comic strip strip sometime first term. The premise was something like: "Hey, we're the Kids in the Hall, and we're cruisin' through time! But time travel's not just fun and games. See, Hitler's always up to no good, and it's up to us to stop him. It's the year 2000, and this is TIMEFLUX!" I think only one strip was written.

Next to the camera is Mike Mike Beard Mike Shotgun Mike Mike Mike Carroll. He's from Boston, and was in film class with Andy. He hasn't been a part of our Adventures very much, although we knew him since the very first week. We watched Ghostbusters with him once.


In fact, we watched a lot of movices with Mike. He went to all the AMPAC shows with us. We saw La Jetee and an Air documentary and Apocalypse Snow, some wierd French short. He is also a comic book fan, and spent a couple days not doing work, I think, when I showed him the online Transformers Comic Archive (