Apr 22, 2002
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Anna and Gallagher

On the left in this picture is Anna. She went to Japan a year or two ago. This term she's taking Belly Dancing. On the right is just Gallagher again.

I went to the film and video show tonight. There was some pretty good stuff, and we got to see Andy's final project with most of the group in it and myself in the title role. I've really enjoyed all the film-making we've been doing. Besides Andy's three film projects, we've been getting a video camera from the school every once in a while and making stuff. Just before spring break, we tried to get the usual camera, but ended up having to get an older one from the library. It wasn't a very high quality machine.

Gallagher hits Andy
Gallagher hit Andy

It had an issue that made it unrealistic to stop the camera and start it again and hope to get a real cut. It would always chop off most of what you had just taped. Ben and I had spent over an hour taping before we went back and watched what we had made. Most of out shots were really short, so we had lost nearly every one of them to this crazy camera.

We ended up doing the whole story again the same night, this time without stopping the camera. Since there were only the two of us, and we were each in alternating scenes, we each had to be both actor and cameraman for the entire one-shot movie. We ended up making the whole thing through an ingenious series of camera switches and clever blocking. It turned out to be a very excellent concept film.

On the pumpkin carriage here are Amanda and Jaffer. I spend a lot of time in their room, as it is right next to mine. We play a lot of board games; they have a pretty extensive collection. Amanda and Jaffer Jaffer listens to grind-core metal or something like that. He plays guitar, although usually just the grind-core stuff. The bunch of us have tried to start a couple of bands, though only one song has been recorded. Maybe two, I forget. Jaffer's a big comic book reader, and probably self-identifies more strongly as a dork than anyone else here. Amanda is a slightly less extensive comic fan, but more of a gamer. She sews, too, and makes a lot of her own outfits. She used to be a clogger.