November 8, 2002
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Economies of Scope

I've been fairly busy lately. Not with very exciting stuff, unfortunately, but I've been productive and that's something. I finally some new shoes. The old ones went in the trash as I left the store, and I haven't really regretted it. The holes in the toes weren't getting much bigger, but they weren't getting any less ugly either.

Andy and Robin moved off campus a few weeks into the term, and not long after that Gallagher moved to a different dorm, too. There isn't much happening around my hall, either. Last year, we played chess all the time, any time of the day. This year, they play go. I play sometimes, but chess is still more fun to me, and it just doesn't happen so often. Everybody's transferring after this term, too, to New York or Georgia or wherever, so I've had to make some new friends to replace them. Pictures will appear as they become available.


We start filming Andy's new movie this tomorrow. I'll be a glue-huffing delenquint of some sort, and steal a motorbike from a cop. It should be fun. There will be dancing. My fellow delenquint is going to be Alex, a first year. We hung out with him a few times near the beginning of the term, and got involved in a shenanigans pretty early on. He was a friend of ours pretty quickly.

I've been drawing comics lately. They're pretty fundamentally inspired by Bob the Angry Flower and Tom the Dancing Bug, among other things. For a while they were just random situations, just to practice my drawing skills, but now I have a regular title and a consistant character in "Puzzle Corner" featuring Robot Detective. He solves crimes. He's really good at it.

On a motorcycle

I'm going to be on campus in the spring, working at the library. I'm looking forward to it. The schedule will be regular, with every other day off, so there will be plenty of time for other stuff. I'm looking into getting an independent study in video, too. Mostly I just want access to the video editing system they have, and I hear that I'll be able to get to it, although I haven't talked to the professor yet.

As well as shoes, I made two other additions to my wardrobe. I bought a coat, two jackets and a soccer outfit. I went to soccer practice a couple times, but not enough to really get into it. Now I only really use my soccer shorts when I'm washing all my other clothes. The coat, however, is being well used. The weather got pretty cool a few weeks ago, and I'm glad I got it. Plus, I think it makes me look a little more like an astronaut.