December 16, 2002
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Number One in Europe

I flew home Saturday morning. The trip was fairly uneventful, but when I got back, I realized that I had not packed any of my ties. What could I do? Well, obviously we went shopping. I got two ties, and a white jacket that is the same make and model as two that I already own. The ties are nothing special, and I probably wouldn't have bought them if I hadn't left mine at school, but we'll see how it works out. I was glad to get the white jacket, and will be adding white pants to my list of things to watch for. I have always decided against buying a white shirt, but if I can pull together an outfit for it, I guess I'll finally have to pick one up.

I had to clear off a table so I would have somewhere to set out my computer. It was full of papers and stuff, and I can't even remember now what it all was. Some of it was junk mail that my brother and I had recieved since we had gone to college. There was a globe and a lamp with no bulb, and now there's a ceramic fish that, I think, is also a cigar ashtray. There was a fair pile of books, too. Some of them were from the boxes that had been taken, along with the fish ashtray, from my uncle's attic when he moved out. I was going to sell the books online and make a couple hundred buck or something, but I never really got around to it. They were all fairly old, and I figured that at least a few of them would be worth money, but after I indexed them and looked up prices on the internet, I just stopped working on it. That's how most of my projects go.

Strange Things...

I sold my fifteen dollar digital camera to Andy for ten dollars, so I won't be making any more of the stop motion films. I also gave him the parachute that we bought in Alaska and the four mold suits that we got at the start of the term from the garbage cans outside the dorm that was being cleaned for mold at the time. They were full-body, white suits, made out of that thick papery stuff. They were fun to wear for high-jinks. On the night we got them, we chased Gallagher, with him wearing plainclothes, through the hallways and the common room on the third floor of one building. Later, we climbed up out of a grate in front of the coffee shop. After that, we pretty much just wore them to parties.