July 8, 2003
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Today I found the Seika gaming club. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays to play board games, console games, RPGs, what-have-you. They seem to get a good turn out, too. There were maybe twenty people or so today, and this is the week before finals. I got to play a little game they call katan.

Concerning finals, I wrote a paper for one of my classes. It was ten pages, but fortunately not in Japanese, since it was for the history class. Mine was about traditional Japanese homes. The style of them, though, is actually totally modern. For the language class, we have a spoken test coming up. Shortly fter that, we head off on our own somewhere. The rail pass we get is good for any five days over a one month period, so we have a bit of free range before we have to meet back in Kyoto and move our stuff out of the dorm. There's supposed to be a beach, and maybe a Monkey Mountain in there somewhere, too.

About the gaming club, though, it would have been nice to find them earlier.