July 17, 2003
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Not Japanese!

Krishna is one of the few people we've met who knows how to play chess. All the Japanese people know is Shogi. Krishna knows how to play chess because he's from Indonesia. He's pretty good, too, about the same level as Patrick and I. He was perfectly willing to play speed games, too. Most people I meet who know how to play chess are used to untimed games and pretty much refuse to use a clock.

Anyway, we played chess with him a lot. It was almost daily for a while. Recently a white bishop got lost though, so it's not as much fun to play anymore. I made a new bishop out of a roll of film and a piece of paper, but it's just not the same.

Tomorrow everybody goes to this beach, and after that, we all go traveling our seperate ways. I'm heading toward Korea. That will take about two weeks, and then I'll be back in Kyoto somewhere. I visited Hiroshi's apartment last night. It's very cramped and tiny, and I expect the place I live next term will be comprable. I'll probably have less stuff than he does, though. That will help.