November 19, 2003
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I came back to Iowa yesterday. It took longer than I had planned. I flew into Ohio on the thirty-first, and spent a week with Anna, who graduated last year but has been living near campus. She let me stay at her place for a week or so, and I visited some friends that I hadn't seen in a while.

A red car, with countryside

After that I stayed with Patrick for a couple weeks in Columbus. He helped me find a car and that sort of thing. It turned out well, and I ended up with a nice 1992 Geo Prizm. It runs well and all that, and I'm hoping to take it over to the east coast to visit some more people that I haven't seen in quite a while. I've been planning this ever since I went to Japan, but I had kind of counted on having more time.

Chris and Nathan

On the way back to Iowa I stopped in Indiana to visit Chris (left). He's a friend of mine from high school, going to college in Bloomington. I stayed at his parents house and we hung out a bit. I played some video games. I tried to make some cassettes to listen to on the rest of the trip, but I ran into problems and didn't get it accomplished.

I had even prepared some books on tape. They were just books that I had downloaded, then had the computer read in the usual computer voice. It probably would have been hard to follow, especially since there were typos in the original text that the computer would have just read out. It would have been interesting, though, and I'll probably do it for my next trip if I can manage to.