January 6, 2004
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I think I have accomplished all my travels for the time being. After staying in Iowa for a few weeks, the whole family went over to Baltimore to see some relatives that I hadn't known before. The rest of the family flew. I drove.

You hear bubbling water.

Then I drove with my brother back to his home in Massachusetts. He lives there with some friends of his. I hung out for a while there. Then I left.

And visited Zak, at his parents' house in Rhode Island. It snowed a couple feet or something while I was there, so we built most of a snow hut. Also, there were video games and cicuit board tinkering.

You hear the footsteps of a guard on patrol.

On to New York, to see Robin and Andy. We played role-playing games with their landlord and his old college buddies. Also, we went to see a showing of cartoons form the World War II era. I read a lot of how-to books in the campus library of the school that Robin attends, and also we all rode the subway occasionally.

After that I visited Gallagher in Atlanta, and Marina, too. Mostly we watched things on tv and ate food at places.

You hear noises in the distance.Then homeward, through Kentucky to spend the night at some old family friends'. Then there were some holidays.

Just recently, I went up to Minneapolis to see Jaffer and Amanda again. I got to meet a couple of their cool friends. I bought a comic and read a couple boxes of Jaffer's.

Now I'm home again, until I go back to school.