February 21, 2004


I recently performed a survey of current projects that I am trying to occupy myself with. It turns out that I have nearly seven seperate large-scale endeavors under way right now. I'm hoping that some of them will be completed in the future.

He is made of Power!

First and largest is a video game. It stars some kind of machine who steals the most powerful broadsword in the world from deep within the pyramids. He has to fight mummies for it. There are no mummies or swords at this time, however.

There are two film-related ideas in motion. The cool local art kids have put together an offer whereby anyone who wants to can shoot a roll of Super8 film and have it developed for ten dollars. It seems to me like it would be foolish to pass this up. Currently (perhaps my mind is on other things), my tentative plot is about some form of android who explores the darkest depths of the great pyramids. There would be dog-headed people or something, and it would all be animated in glorious black and white.

Like a comic book.

The other is a video for music that my brother made. This has been done before, with positive results, but I don't yet have any kind of plans for the next video. Yet.

Two websites are under construction. One reviews comic books. I will write the backend. The other reviews computer games. I will write the reviews. These should be easy.

The most recently planned project is a newspaper comic strip. I have been reading old serial comics from the 30s, and would like to write one of my own. My current schedule has me starting this for summer term, which is ok, because I have to learn how to draw first.

The oldest project I have going is some kind of radio show. It stars a plucky young lad who must save his moon-home from four-dimensional robots. My brother helped with that, but nothing has been accomplished lately. Likely, nothing much ever will be.